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7 Tips to Influence Phone Conversations

April 2018- Highlights from Jeff Baird’s ‘Building Trust in Your Phone Conversations’

Last month, we welcomed back Science of People Author, Data/BI Manager, and all around Likeabilities Expert Jeff Baird to do a 30-minute session on ‘Building Trust in Your Phone Conversations.’ As he does on any webinar/training, he delivered some amazing insights backed by solid examples and stories!


Interested in watching this session for free? You can access it via our Toolbox Talk archives- ‘Building Trust in Your Phone Conversations’

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

  • What we do with our body language resonates through our voice, so we still need to focus on our body language even if we’re on the phone. For example, if we stand while speaking, we’ll project better. If we slump in our chair and are therefore in a low power position, we’ll exhibit less confidence and enthusiasm.
  • You can incorporate power body language techniques to display strong phone communication, which can help keep engagement and ignite participation.
  • Tone really influences likability, so focusing on a strong and positive tone can help you develop quality relationships and trust virtually.
  • Power posing while on the phone, where you’re expansive with your head and shoulders back, can influence your confidence and trustworthiness.

Jeff highlighted 7 tips to convey confidence, while balancing likeability and warmth:

  1. Don’t rush your “hello.” If needed, collect yourself, take a breath, and then get into your greeting.
  2. Don’t hold your breath, which can make you potentially sound squeaky. You can speak out a bit on the outbreath, which naturally relaxes vocal chords and can also ease anxiety. Quality breathing can help you remain focused too.
  3. Use lower natural end of your voice tone to display confidence.
  4. Avoid question inflection (i.e. uptalk), where you go up at the end of your comment, which makes it sound like you’re questioning yourself. This kills any negotiating power and demonstrates low confidence. Rather, drop a bit at the end of a sentence.
  5. Volumize and engage in vocal variance. Change tempo, cadence, volume, inflection, etc. to increase engagement. Avoid being monotone at all costs, which is a quick way to disengage your audience!
  6. Build oxytocin, a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain that is often referred to as a “bonding hormone” since it connects people. In person, eye contact and a soft touch like a handshake or high five can release. Virtually, using pictures or video of yourself/individuals on the call, as well as story-telling, can help.
  7. Achieve emotionality by showing passion/excitement, which is contagious and creates a connection! This can also be achieved through effective story-telling and tone!

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