58 Minutes

Have questions on anything job search related? A couple Apex coaching SMEs will share their 2-3 favorite strategies/career advice and address any questions/scenarios from attendees on these  topics:

  1. Resumes
  2. LinkedIn Profiles
  3. Finding, reaching out and working with Recruiters 
  4. How to prospect jobs and get an interview
  5. Interviewing 
  6. Post Interview follow up etiquette 
  7. Main job search roadblocks and how to overcome 
  8. Career fairs/recruiting events
  9. Networking 
  10. Job Descriptions 
Speaker Chad, Erica, Katlyn and Stephen

A couple Apex team members will be providing their advice around any of these topics, including:

  • Chad Bean - Lead Technical Recruiter 
  • Erica Woods - Director of IT Contractor Programs 
  • Katlyn Cook - Career Coach & Alumni Advocate 
  • Stephen See - Lead AppDev/Technical Recruiter

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