Who doesn't need a little more improv in their lives? In this interactive, fun virtual event, we'll play some improv "fan favorites" to support a couple great nonprofit causes! We've chosen a couple veteran-focused nonprofits in honor of this event being on Veteran's Day. 

Key Details:

  • What are we doing? Facilitated by Kupe Kupersmith, we'll introduce a couple Improv games/exercises, share the goals and rules, and then jump into break out rooms to play them. We'll play 'Party Hoppers' and 'One Word at a Time,' and maybe a few others from this list of 15 Improv Games, which you can play with your teams, friends, family, neighborhood, etc. - https://teambuilding.com/blog/improv-games
  • Who will we be supporting? To participate, we're asking each person to make a $5-10 suggested donation to one of two veteran nonprofits we support as an organization: Hire Heroes USA or Vets2Industry
  • How can I make a donation? You have two options for making the donation:
  • What if I can't join the full 90 minutes? That's okay! If you can only jump in for at least 30 minutes, so you can play at least one Improv game, that works! 
  • Can I invite others? YES! If you have peers, friends or others who'd want to do some Improv for a good cause, this is a "the more, the merrier" type of event, especially since more people = more money going towards great causes! 
  • What if I have more questions? No worries, ask away! Send them to Erica Woods via [email protected]
Speaker Kupe Kupersmith & Dave Paule

Kupe is an Agile, Business Analysis and Project Management enthusiast by day, and Improv, Comedy, Beach Walks and red M&M fanatic by night (amongst other things)! Kupe has been an Improv fan for many lifetimes, and has been a part of an Improv troupe for years! He's a firm believer that Improv isn't just FUN, it can really enhance your communication FUNdamentals and other professional and life skills!  


Dave has been around. Over the merry course of his career, he has been an aerospace engineer, software developer, marketer, sommelier, corporate controller, photographer, novelist, cartoonist, deejay, bartender, educator and comedian comic. He is seldom classified as focused.

Dave began his performing as a stand-up comic before discovering his love of improv and sketch comedy.  For three years, he was part of the improv comedy troupe The Comedy Dogs, where he met longtime friend and collaborator Jonathan “Kupe” Kupersmith.  For over 25 years they helped each other satisfy a deeply rooted need for attention, often performing as Kupe & Paule.  (Kupe may not actually know Dave’s first name.)

By day, Dave is an instructor in Georgia State University's J. Mack Robinson School of Business, and a Sr. Consultant at Our Fundraising Search. He's also a writer of novels, business books, plays, video shorts, and other miscellaneous important and/or irreverent works.  He is the author of two novels, The Monarch of Key West and Highlands-A-Go-Go: Finding Virginia Highland; two plays, The Sisters and (with James Townsend) Voodoo for Dummies: A Musical; and the narrowly acclaimed novella Amidst the Brownstones. His business books include The CEO's Due Diligence Handbook and Fundraising for All: What Every Nonprofit Leader Should Know.

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