3 'Shuns' of Workplace Breakdowns, Part 3, ReacTION - A Communication Series - 0.5 Leadership PDU

30 Minutes

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The fear of losing can make a calm mind restless - Aniket S Sharma

Part 1 of this series looked prevention of communication breakdown, by understanding WHY we get upset.

Part 2 identified how to recognize when a conversation is starting to go awry, through nonverbal cues. Despite our best efforts, there will be times when we lose control of the situation.

In this last session we'll explore what you can do to 1.) manage your 'inner lizard' and 2.) how to react to others to diffuse tense situations.

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Speaker Jeff Baird

Jeff is a certified body language trainer, goal hacker, hiring manager and the anti-boring corporate trainer. He's also worked in IT and Business intelligence for nearly 20 years and is a Chris Hemsworth look-a-like. Just checking to see if you're still reading. Jeff's approach is science backed, applicable & fun. He'll help you take control of your nonverbal communication, 'read' others' body language and finally nail those stretch goals. He's ready to help you break through your career (or life) plateaus.

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