62 Minutes

Misconceptions abound about the way requirements and business analysis fits - or doesn’t - into Agile projects. Is “Agile requirements” an oxymoron, that is, contradictory terms joined together? How is it possible for requirements to be Agile? Do Agile projects need requirements? Does business analysis even happen on Agile projects? In practice, requirements are the basis of discovery and delivery on Agile projects. Join us, as requirements expert and Agile Coach Ellen Gottesdiener exposes the realities and debunks the myths that surround the use of Agile requirements and business analysis.

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Speaker Ellen Gottesdiener

Ellen Gottesdiener is an internationally recognized leader in the convergence of Agile, requirements, product management, and project management. Ellen is founder and principal of EBG Consulting, which helps organizations adapt how they collaborate to improve business outcomes.

Ellen’s passion is helping people use modern product requirements practices to build valued products and great teams. She provides training, coaching, and facilitates discovery and planning workshops across diverse industries, including education, energy, financial services, pharmaceutical, software, transportation, and telecommunications.

Ellen is a world‑renowned writer, speaker, and presenter. Her most recent book, co‑authored with Mary Gorman, is Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. Ellen is author of two other acclaimed books: Requirements by Collaboration and The Software Requirements Memory Jogger.

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