AI Product Development with Jaekob Chenina (chatbot use cases) - 1 Technical PDU

60 Minutes

*For anyone with a PMP or other PMI certification, you can self-report 1 Technical PDU through 5/13/2021 by selecting 'Digital Media/Webinar' for Education and 'AI Product Development' for Activity Title.*

Every year companies pour billions of dollars of investment into expensive data technologies and data scientists in hopes of gaining a competitive edge with AI. However, for some companies the AI roadmap is slow to materialize. This is because algorithms and data is only one piece of the AI product puzzle. To accelerate AI product development, companies must have the right team, the right org structure and the right leadership.

This webinar focuses on:
1. How to structure an AI team (roles to include, what order to hire in, etc.) - first 20-25 minutes
2. The top 6 roadblocks that block AI product success - 25-45 minutes
3. Specific use cases for chatbots - last 15 minutes

Speaker Jaekob Chenina

Jaekob Chenina is an AI product manager for Oracle. Prior, he as an AI product manager for Adobe, where he put artificial intelligence in the center of customer experience. Previously, Jaekob co-founded social media visitor stitching startup Socyalitics.AI where he led product development efforts from ideation to external beta release with enterprise clients including Microsoft and Deloitte Digital. Earlier in his career, he worked as a product manager for Bay Area fin-tech startup Nav Inc. with a focus on infusing artificial intelligence into the product.

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