60 Minutes

**This webinar will be worth 1 Leadership PDU until 11/8/2020!**

Subtitle: Learn the 7 steps to creating your purpose & getting more out of your life and career!

Abstract: In working with executive clients, many will say, I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up or I just havent found my purpose. In todays world, many people are ending their workday feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. Some are just biding their time waiting for the weekend or looking even further down the road to retirement. Even people who like their jobs often feel as though something is missing.

In this presentation, you will learn the top 7 reasons why you havent found your purpose. You will also walk through the 7 steps to resolving this problem and learn how to create a life that is fulfilling to you and adds value to your world.

PDU: Leadership

Speaker Traci Duez

Our presenter is… • A former high school and collegiate basketball coach • She is a chemist by degree which makes her a little nerdy and has 15 years of experience in IT that makes her a little geeky • Her career has included positions as a chemist, medical technologist, laboratory automation specialist, computer validation consultant, project manager, and director for an IT consulting firm • She has spoken to over 23,000 project managers, business owners, and executives over the last 9 years • Her picture has twice graced the cover of the Project Management Institute’s trade magazine, PMI Today • She is one of the few women who umpire Little League Baseball and you may catch her on the field at the Little League World Series soon • Today she owns her own business and is passionate about inspiring audiences to think better and get unstuck so they can achieve more of what they want in their life • Not too bad for a girl who was afraid of public speaking until 2006 You’re in for a real treat… an inspiring and actionable presentation from the Thought Coach, Traci Duez (pronounced Do’ Ez)!

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