50 Minutes

You might recall the old Saturday Night Live sketch with Nick Burns, the "Why aren't you as smart as I am?" caricature of the IT support professional. Of course you want your interactions with customers to be as mutually beneficial as possible. Learn practical methods for providing IT support with a human touch.


  1. Customer service tips and how to adopt a mentor focused mindset - Through 22 minutes
  2. Tips for developing skills outside the office - Minutes 22-32
  3. Recommendations around certifications - Minutes 32-37
  4. Q&A Session on: how to deal with long winded end-users, target call times, forming KPIs, and dealing with angry users/customers " Minutes 37-50

Recommended Group Discussion Questions: Tim stressed how as technical support professionals, we are all also trainers/mentors. Do you agree and why? How can or should we be mentoring? What are we developing our skills outside of the office, or how could we? What was your biggest take away, and how can we apply?

Speaker Tim Warner

Tim Warner is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management and a full-time author with Pluralsight. He has worked in nearly every facet of IT, from systems administration and software architecture to technical writing and training. You can reach Tim via Twitter (@TechTrainerTim) or his blog, azuredepot.com.

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