57 Minutes

War Stories on Embedded Security: Pentesting, IoT, Building Managers, and How to Do Better
If security were easy, we'd have solved it 20 years ago. Unfortunately for complex networks and systems, we need the basics and more: developer training, correct implementation, cross-training, proper deployment, event monitoring, secure updates, and response planning. Its a tall order. But with the right partners, its possible. Come be entertained and encouraged by Dr. Jared DeMott as he shows some epic fails - that could have been wins.

Speaker Jared DeMott

Dr. DeMott is former NSA and Microsoft BlueHat Prize winner. He’s frequently quoted in media, and invited to speak. He’s the founder of Vulnerability Discovery & Analysis (VDA) Labs. You'll find fingerprints of VDA across the InfoSec community: fuzzing, code auditing, exploitation, incident response, malware analysis, pentests, threat intelligence, and security training. When DeMott isn’t leading a project, or bypassing a security control, he’s enjoying time with his family outdoors.

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