60 Minutes

Redux has fast become one of the pillars for state management in the modern era of web application development. Though tiny, it packs a punch, and in this session, we will explore the principles behind redux and see how to use it in our web applications. We will start with the three principles of redux, then look at actions (and action creators), reducers, and finally the store, and how these three simple pieces allow us to reason about our code. We will also see how Redux DevTools can help us debug our applications easily, as well as some benefits of immutability such as time-travel.

Tag: ReactJS 

Speaker Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi is a programmer, consultant, speaker, trainer and all around nice guy. He has worked in the software industry for over 15 years, with experience in both government and private sector. He is a strong advocate of functional programming, and a proponent of immutability across both hardware and software. You can find him online on twitter as @looselytyped, as well as his blog, https://www.looselytyped.com. He’s a speaker for the No Fluff Just Stuff Java conference series, who host UberCon, RichWeb, ArchCon, Angular Summits, etc., and does about 20 conferences a year. In his spare time, you will find Raju reading, playing with technology, or spending time with his wonderful and significantly better half.

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