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It goes without saying, it was an incredibly tumultuous 2020. The shocks to our economy, our institutions, and society in general will likely be felt for many years to come. Throughout this period of uncertainty, we have been routinely reminded of the critical importance of having robust technology infrastructure and the many applications and services that sit upon it. And, of course, the millions of IT professionals that make it all work have never been more important. This session delves into the state of the IT workforce using the latest in labor market and hiring data. Hear from CompTIA's Tim Herbert as he explores key perspectives from employers as they anticipate the technology skills, capabilities, and trends shaping the road ahead.  

Group Discussion Questions:

1. What trends are you seeing? What skills are worth learning?

2. What is your go-to resource for identifying trends and skills in demand? Do you follow influencers like CompTIA on LinkedIn?

3. Who has a “learning plan” for the year and which resources are you using? What are your go-to learning/training sites for learning these in-demand skills? Do you attend virtual events/conferences?

4. The two key words/trends Tim shared to kick us off were adaptation & acceleration. What are the most dramatic shifts in your organizations adaptation & acceleration?

Speaker Tim Herbert

Tim Herbert serves as executive vice president of research and market intelligence for The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). Under his leadership, CompTIA publishes a wide range of reports, briefs, and data analysis to make sense of the ever-changing tech landscape.

CompTIA’s Cyberstates report is recognized as the definitive guide to tech workforce trends, economic impact, innovation, and more. Herbert regularly pens articles for industry publications, presents at industry conferences, and in his 20+ years as a technology analyst, has been cited in numerous media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Wired Magazine and many others.

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