Managing Millennials (Part 1): Success Strategies

60 Minutes

Why cant we just get along? Each generation brings their own management preference, work styles and desire for work-life balance. Master the exact strategies to managing and leading the next generation with strategies presented by  Brian Bosche.


  • The Five Myths Keeping Leaders From Engaging Millennials
  • Anticipating Trends In The Future With Gen Z
  • Developing Your Plan To Engage Millennials And Metrics For Success
  • Executive Best Practices: What Working With Americas Top Company Proves About Millennial Retention
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers Across Generations
  • Why Managing Millennials Is Different Plus Strategies For Millennial Managers
Speaker Brian Bosché & Gabrielle Bosché

Brian is the #1 Millennial intrapreneuship expert. He is a featured keynote speaker, Bestselling Author and sought after success coach to thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. In the last year alone, Brian has spent over 1,000 hours speaking and training business leaders, authors, and successful entrepreneurs on how to take extreme ownership to get explosive results. Brian is the Cofounder & CEO of 60-Day Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer at The Millennial Solution, America's Millennial experts. Gabrielle Bosché is America's Millennial expert. The bestselling author of four books on her generation, Gabrielle has spoken on stages around the world for companies like Audi Volkswagen, Microsoft, The United States Naval Sea Command and the Department of The Interior. Gabrielle has developed Millennial engagement strategies for presidential campaigns, Fortune 500 CEOs and top government agencies. A Millennial herself, Gabrielle specializes in demystifying the Millennial generation and motivating Millennials to do and be more. Gabrielle has been called a Millennial mediator- bridging the generation gap and bringing her passion and personality to solving the challenge of a multi-generational workplace.

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