60 Minutes

This interactive panel discussion with three career experts and hiring managers provides tips for how to:

  1. Effectively orient yourself to a new environment
  2. Get a handle on those new job jitters
  3. Learn how to truly gauge your goals, priorities and expectations
  4. Make the most of one-on-ones with your manager/lead
  5. Help managers who are reluctant or don't prioritize one-on-ones 
  6. Address and overcome the inevitable mistakes

Our three panelists include: Jeff Baird, Suzanne Ricci and George Stocker. 

*If you have a certification from PMI that requires PDUs, you can self-report 1 Strategic PDU for this session under 'Digital Media/Webinar,' listing 'Apex Systems' as the Provider and using the title and description.*

Speaker George, Suzanne and Jeff

Our Panelists are 3 incredible leaders and experts: Jeff Baird (Salt Lake City), Suzanne Ricci (Tampa) and George Stocker (Northern VA/DC)! All are seasoned technology veterans with considerable management and coaching experience.

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