60 Minutes

In Part 2 of this interactive panel discussion series with three career experts and hiring managers, get tips around:

  1. How to capture valuable feedback
  2. Building your confidence and overcoming "imposter syndrome"
  3. Recommended training channels and best practices for getting training to stick
  4. Identifying career growth and skills development opportunities, and leveraging them to progress in your career

Our panelists include: Jeff Baird, Suzanne Ricci and George Stocker 

*If you have a certification from PMI that requires PDUs, you can self-report 1 Strategic PDU for this session under 'Digital Media/Webinar,' listing 'Apex Systems' as the Provider and using the title and description.*

Speaker Jeff, Suzanne and George

We're excited to welcome these 3 incredible leaders and experts on these topics, including Jeff Baird (Salt Lake City), Suzanne Ricci (Tampa) and George Stocker (Northern VA/DC)! Jeff, Suzanne and George are seasoned techies and leaders who also have been career coaches for the last 5+ years.

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