60 Minutes

Understand what it means to be agile. Some teams think they can be agile by using a defined process or set of practices as defined by one of the agile approaches. This is just doing Agile. Other teams are agile in name only " the team says its doing Agile but ends up using the same old practices and achieving the same results.

Teams adopt agile for a variety of reasons, but its not the process or set of practices they select that produces the results they seek. Teams are most successful when they adopt a particular mindset in order to be agile. Join us as we describe what it means to be agile through 7 key ideas based on how people and organizations work best. Well discuss some specific techniques you can use to adopt the mindset on your project, how the business analyst role changes along with the mindset, and how to help your team move from doing Agile to actually being agile.

Session Roadmap
- Understand the key ideas that form the agile mindset
- How to help your team adopt the agile mindset
- Understand how adopting the agile mindset impacts business analysts

Speaker Kupe Kupersmith

Kupe Kupersmith, President & Principal, B2T Training, possesses over 15 years of experience in software systems development. He has served as the lead Business Analyst and Project Manager on projects in the Energy, television and sports management and marketing industries. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for business analysis professionals. Kupe is a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®). Kupe is the co-author of Business Analysis for Dummies and is a requested speaker. Being a trained improvisational comedian, Kupe is sure to make you laugh while you’re learning. For a feel for Kupe’s view on business analysis topics check out his blog on BA Times. Kupe is a connector and has a goal in life to meet everyone!

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