Windows 10 Introduction with Mike Halsey

57 Minutes

Top 3 Focus Areas of webinar:
1.the reasons to move your business to Windows 10 you can ensure maximum compatibility to easily train staff

Windows 10 Introduction Abstract
Windows 10 gained serious traction in 2015, but a new year is upon us and the pressures to migrate systems to this new operating will continue to build, both from Microsoft itself but also from colleagues . Others though might be more reticent when they could benefit enormously from upgrading for free, both in the home, and small business and the enterprise through Software Assurance. What compelling reasons exist to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1? What productivity and security benefits exist, and most importantly, how you can ensure your existing software and hardware will continue to work perfectly, and productivity wont suffer from the upgrade?

In this webcast, Mike Halsey talks you through whats compelling, whats secure, whats improved and how you can help make sure everything works, just as it should, during an upgrade and in the future. Mike will address all your questions and concerns about productivity, security, compatibility and privacy.

Speaker Mike Halsey

Mike Halsey is a recognized technical expert with Windows migrations and troubleshooting. He’s a 6-year Windows MVP and the author of more than a dozen books on Microsoft Windows. He also has a number of Pluralsight courses, including 15+ hours of content on Windows 10 troubleshooting, Windows 10 client administration, Windows Client Administration, and more!

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