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How Managers Can Build Rapport and Influence with Team Members with Jeff Baird
Former FBI Special Agent Jack Schafer was given tasks such as getting information from foreign spies or convincing foreign diplomats to turn against their country and work for the United States. He was able to build a relationship of trust with these individuals, by following the pattern all humans go through in developing trust and friendship.

Certified body language trainer, Jeff Baird will share some of these science backed strategies to help you build trust, while still maintaining respect and influence with those that report to you. You'll be able to boost productivity throughout the whole team, as you develop these skills by creating a better working relationship.

Jeff Baird is a certified body language trainer, goal hacker, hiring manager and the anti-boring corporate trainer. He's also worked in IT and Business intelligence for nearly 20 years and is a Chris Hemsworth look-a-like. Just checking to see if you're still reading. Jeff's approach is science backed, applicable & fun. He'll help you take control of your nonverbal communication, 'read' others' body language and finally nail those stretch goals. He's ready to help you break through your career (or life) plateaus.
10/26/2017 1:00 PM
Artificial Intelligence - A Conversation of Business Applications
Richie will cover the basic scientific segments of Artificial Intelligence, discuss the current state of each scientific segment and potential uses cases in financial services, healthcare and other industries. Discussion will include examples currently in development, solutions deployed in the real world, and a maturity model and view of the future of commerce.

Richie’s Bio:
In addition to being a c-level at multiple Fortune 500 companies, in the past five years, Richie has keynoted over 250 conferences, across five continents, presenting to over 100,000 live audience participants on digital topics ranging from the cloud, through wearables, into artificial intelligence, and now focusing on blockchain. He is a TEDx speaker, INC Magazine listed his book as of the top 10 leadership books of 2015, and Ray Wang and Vala Afshar from DisruptTV described him as one of the smartest Chief Digital Officers in the world. He is frequently covered on Forbes.com and has been on the cover of several industry trade publications in healthcare and financial services.

Richie was a former Clinton Global Initiative delegate and currently serves as a board member for multiple not-for-profit organizations. He earned his Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems from York College as well as his M.B.A. in Technology Management from University of Phoenix where he’s currently pursuing his PhD in Organizational Leadership.
11/14/2017 1:00 PM
15 Actions to Build Your Self-Confidence
Almost everyone suffers from low self-confidence at some time; while many people struggle with self-confidence issues regularly. Low self-confidence will hold you back from achieving your potential. It can cause you to miss out on many opportunities and leave you with a less happy, satisfying and fulfilling life. The good news? Self-confidence can be learned, practiced and become a core part of who you choose to be. Neal will show you how and presents 15 actions that can build your self-confidence. Mastering self-confidence can change the rest of your life.

Speaker Bio:

Neal Whitten is a popular speaker, trainer, consultant, mentor and best-selling author in the areas of leadership and soft skills, project management and employee development. He has over 35 years of front-line leadership, project management and human resource experience.

 In his 23 years at IBM, Neal held both project leader and management positions. He managed the development of numerous software products, including operating systems, business and telecommunications applications, and special-purpose programs and tools. For three years, he also managed and was responsible for providing independent assessments on dozens of projects for an Assurance group. Neal is president of The Neal Whitten Group, created shortly after leaving IBM in 1993.

 Neal is the author of several books, including:
1.The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime (The Neal Whitten Group)
2.Neal Whitten’s Let’s Talk! More No-Nonsense Advice for Project Success (Management Concepts)
3.Neal Whitten’s No-Nonsense Advice for Successful Projects (Management Concepts)
4.The EnterPrize Organization: Organizing Software Projects for Accountability and Success (Project Management Institute)
5.Managing Software Development Projects: Formula for Success, Second Edition (John Wiley & Sons)
6.Becoming an Indispensable Employee in a Disposable World (Prentice Hall)

Neal is a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at conferences, seminars, workshops, and special events. He has developed and instructed dozens of unique leadership, project management and personal development classes, and presented to many thousands of people from across hundreds of companies, institutions and public organizations. He has written over 100 articles for professional magazines and had been a contributing editor of PMI’s PM Network® magazine for over 15 years.

***This session will be worth 1 Leadership PDU until 11/15/2019 for anyone with a PMI certification!***
11/15/2017 1:00 PM
Do you have any specific challenges related to confidence you'd like Neal to address?  You can enter here or enter via webinar in the Chat or Q&A box! 
Title: End-to-End Troubleshooting for SQL Server
Alias: FIRE! A Fullproof Checklist for Tuning and Troubleshooting

Level: 300

Abstract: Learning how to detect, diagnose and resolve performance problems in SQL Server is tough.  Often, years are spent learning how to use the tools and techniques that help you detect when a problem is occurring, diagnose the root-cause of the problem, and then resolve the problem. 

In this session, attendees will see demonstrations of the tools and techniques which make difficult troubleshooting scenarios much faster and easier, including:

• XEvents, Profiler/Traces, and PerfMon
• Using Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)
• Advanced Diagnostics Using Wait Stats
• Reading SQL Server execution plan

Every DBA needs to know how to keep their SQL Server in tip-top condition, and you’ll need skills the covered in this session to do it.

Prerequisites: Intermediate database administration and development skills, especially competence with SSMS.

Goal 1: Learn the "sieve" method of troubleshooting and problem solving, and how to make SQL Server alert you when problems arise.
Goal 2: Discover how to use wait stat analysis, as well as correlate performance information from other sources inside of SQL Server including DMVs, performance counters, and Xevent/trace information.
Goal 3: Learn how to use the most important native tools within SQL Server through live demos to successfully conduct troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Summary: Microsoft ships a multitude of tools to help detect, diagnose and resolve problems inside of SQL Server. But which is best to use and when? This session teaches attendees how to tackle the troubleshooting process to achieve repeated, optimal results.

Speaker Bio:
Kevin Kline is a renowned database expert and software industry veteran currently serving as a principal program manager at SentryOne, a leading vendor of database tools for the Microsoft data platform. A Microsoft data platform MVP since 2003, Kevin was a founding board member and former president of PASS. He has written/co-written eleven books including the best-selling SQL in a Nutshell.  Kevin is a monthly columnist for DBTA magazine.  Kevin is a noted trainer and thought leader on IT leadership skills, data and database technology and practices, and SQL Server performance tuning and optimization.  Kevin is a top-rated speaker at conferences worldwide such as Microsoft Ignite, the PASS Summit, Oracle OpenWorld, SQLBits, and IT/Dev Connections. He tweets at @kekline.
11/29/2017 1:00 PM
Abstract: "A Gentle Introduction to DevOps"
Terms like 'agile,' 'continuous integration,' and 'fail fast, recover fast' are all the rage in IT nowadays. And we do mean rage--DevOps is a contentious topic, prone to strong opinions and hyperbole.

Microsoft MVP Tim Warner will lead a calm, reasonable discussion on precisely what DevOps is, and could mean, for your business. You will leave this session with a clear understanding of DevOps, as well as a practical action plan.

Author Bio:
Tim Warner is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management and a full-time author with Pluralsight. He has worked in nearly every facet of IT, from systems administration and software architecture to technical writing and training. You can reach Tim via Twitter (@TechTrainerTim) or his blog, azuredepot.com.
12/13/2017 1:00 PM
This power-packed 60 minutes will include ten 5-minute training "packets", each covering one of the 10 practices that need to be in place to truly excel as project managers. In his engaging, storytelling way, Carl Pritchard comes back to Apex Systems with this "best of" presentation, highlighting the do's and don'ts of everything from WBS to tickler files and contract management. You will walk out this guidance with how to create better customer expectations, how to ensure others in a meeting verbalize their agreement, and how to avoid a contract "train wreck" with your next vendor.

Speaker Bio:
Carl Pritchard is the principal and founder of Pritchard Management Associates. He is recognized lecturer, author, researcher, and instructor. As a lecturer he is considered a leading authority on risk and communications management and presents on a variety of management topics, ranging from project essentials to the complexities of network diagramming and team motivation. As an author and researcher, he has published articles on project management language, advances in risk management, and on the challenges of training on the Internet. His work as an instructor has taken him around the world, training with some of the leading international training organizations, as well as for private clients and the Project Management Institute®. He is the U.S. Correspondent for the U.K. project management journal, Project Manager Today.

***This webinar is worth 1 Technical PDU for anyone with a certification from PMI until 1/10/2020!***
1/10/2018 1:00 PM
Angular in 60-ish Minutes with Dan Wahlin
Dan will review the core features of Angular for those who are new to it! 

Dan Wahlin founded Wahlin Consulting (https://codewithdan.com) which provides training, consulting and architecture services on Web technologies such as Angular, Node.js, Express, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET Core, Web API, Microservices, and Docker. He’s also published many developer courses on Pluralsight.com and Udemy.com. Dan is a Docker Captain, Google GDE, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world.  Dan has written several books on Web technologies, hundreds of technical articles and blog posts (https://blog.codewithdan.com) and runs the "Code with Dan Web Development Newsletter" - a great way to stay up on the latest technologies. Follow Dan on Twitter @DanWahlin.
1/19/2018 1:00 PM
Angular Data Binding Abstract:
Dan will cover the basics, input/output properties, nested components, etc.

Dan Wahlin founded Wahlin Consulting (https://codewithdan.com) which provides training, consulting and architecture services on Web technologies such as Angular, Node.js, Express, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET Core, Web API, Microservices, and Docker. He’s also published many developer courses on Pluralsight.com and Udemy.com. Dan is a Docker Captain, Google GDE, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world.  Dan has written several books on Web technologies, hundreds of technical articles and blog posts (https://blog.codewithdan.com) and runs the "Code with Dan Web Development Newsletter" - a great way to stay up on the latest technologies. Follow Dan on Twitter @DanWahlin.
2/2/2018 1:00 PM
Level Up Your Communication and Collaboration - “The secret skill you have been waiting for.”
In this highly interactive and fun session, Kupe, an improvisational actor, focuses on key improvisation lessons that will help you be a more attentive and flexible team member. You will walk away with lessons to help you suspend judgment, keep conversations moving forward, listen generously, and take collaboration to new levels. This will not be your average webinar where you sit back and listen. With Kupe’s Project management, Business Analysis and business background, he will be able to help you directly apply these skills on the job.

Why is this so important? The speed of business today requires teams to decide fast, learn fast and gain buy-in from all stakeholders involved. In Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, he highlights improv skills as a necessary competency for everyone. This quote sums it up. “In improv, you never try to get someone to do something. That’s coercion, not creativity,” Salit says. “You make offers, you accept offers— and a conversation, a relationship, a scene, and other possibilities emerge.” Your role is to help move others to accomplish agreed upon goals. Using the Improv Advantage, your job gets easier!

Speaker Bio:
Kupe Kupersmith possesses over 15 years of experience in software systems development. He has served as the lead Business Analyst and Project Manager on projects in the Energy, television and sports management and marketing industries. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for business analysis professionals. Kupe is a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®).

Kupe is the co-author of Business Analysis for Dummies and is a requested speaker. Being a trained improvisational comedian, Kupe is sure to make you laugh while you’re learning. For a feel for Kupe’s view on business analysis topics check out his blog on BA Times. Kupe is a connector and has a goal in life to meet everyone!

***This webinar will be worth 1 Leadership PDU/CDU until 2/7/2020!***
2/7/2018 1:00 PM

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