A Fortune 50 bank achieves enterprise-wide Agile transformation by maturing its teams with custom training. 


Our client’s Corporate Risk lines of business lacked the technical resources required to accomplish the goals set by their Chief Technology Officer for an enterprise-wide Agile transformation. They engaged us to augment their existing teams by providing the necessary support and knowledge transfer that would ultimately enable their Agile teams to reach maturity. We were also tasked with developing customized training materials and facilitating interactive workshops to ensure Agile concepts and practices were adopted into the teams’ day-to-day operations. 


We provided a team of advanced coaches and scrum masters who supported 21 total client teams. By supplementing the client’s existing teams, we were able to provide hands-on, tailored training daily to ensure Agile practices were fully adopted and monitor progression. Once the project began, our team discovered that the product roadmap was not yet clearly defined, requiring us to help define the roadmap, ensure teams were organized around products, and provide supplemental product coaching. Deliverables we provided included: 

Improved team maturity by 19% within six months and trained 74% of company managers on Agile

  • Customized training including workshop scheduling and facilitation
  • Tailored coaching plans delivered in a standardized format
  • Customized, cascading communications ensuring messages were delivered as expected
  • Unique questionnaires evaluating readiness for change and current state of Agile knowledge, including quantitative results and qualitative summaries and recommendations
  • Ongoing data analysis of progress toward achieving OKR targets and weekly  status reports


Our team of coaches and scrum masters effectively improved the understanding, adoption, and maturity of our client’s Agile teams in less than a year. Additionally, we helped define their product roadmap and closely aligned their teams to applicable goals that contributed to overall business objectives. Initial results achieved after the first six months included: 

  • Trained 74% of managers, surpassing goal of 50%
  • Improved team members trained on Agile by 51%
  • Increased team members trained on test automation by 33%
  • Enhanced maturity of teams by 19%