Workforce and Performance Management

A major grocery chain leverages our Talent Management Services solution to improve efficiency and productivity.


Our client, a national grocery chain, was struggling to manage their growing consultant workforce. Key challenges the client needed to address included:  

  • An inability to report on consultant performance effectively  
  • Inconsistent tracking of project end date, inhibiting consultant re-deployment to new internal projects  
  • A lengthy on-boarding process that did not encourage corporate cultural acclimation  
  • A lack of clear cost reporting  

We were engaged to provide oversight of the consultant workforce and establish reporting procedures to resolve these deficiencies.  


We deployed an engagement team to create program best practices, as well as establish the reporting infrastructure needed. Our engagement team:  

  • Implemented our proven performance management processes and utilized a custom SharePoint to house performance data for all consultants  
  • Used the same customized SharePoint site to house resumes and track assignment end date and job performance data for each consultant, to determine future redeployment opportunities 
  • Collaborated with the client to streamline the onboarding process  
  • Provided monthly cost reports with viewing rights for the client’s procurement team showing cost savings and budget usage  

Reduced onboarding time enabling immediate productivity


The best practices and infrastructure we created resulted in our client successfully managing their growing consultant workforce, essentially creating a “one-stop-shop” to identify resources that could be leveraged for other internal groups and teams. The custom SharePoint site fostered a collaborative environment and central repository for pertinent information on consultants. We were also able to reduce our client’s onboarding process time by completing pre-start activities, enabling consultants to be productive day one. Our system created better access to cost reporting which also captured the $1 million in cost savings that was provided to our client. Regular business reviews on overall performance resulted in increased visibility to upcoming needs and allowed us to support more skillsets and projects with over 75 consultants engaged in the last 2 years and a contract renewal for the next 12 months.