Live Operations

Continuous Content Release and Operational Support

Continuous Delivery, Value-Driven Methodology

LiveOps: a portmanteau designed with the inevitable change in mind. Where 'live' - always-on connectivity, meets 'operations' - the care and maintenance of an evolving product. Meridian Studios offers actively managed releases over extended periods including planning, direct player support, player lifecycle management, or continuous content delivery.

Focus on your players' wants and needs, deliver new experiences, and optimize the player lifecycle all while releasing independent features frequently to test behavior. Move your process and your KPIs into the future and start measuring satisfaction instead of just attraction. 


Continuous Delivery, Value-Driven Methodology

Player-Centric Rapid Innovation with Lower Risk

Games as products tend to be developer-centric by design; they deliver a story from the developer’s point of view and unfortunately, often illustrate their roadblocks. Our LiveOps solutions shift the paradigm and help game producers navigate the gap between player sentiment and player engagement.

Players are a community, a complex mix of individuals and groups who can be transient, having an evolving relationship between the game and each other. Our LiveOps solutions allow developers to consider long-tail motivations such as skill evolution, deep relationships, and community autonomy so you build relationships with your players over time.

Player-Centric Rapid Innovation with Lower Risk

The Best Way Forward

Retain and engage your community longer, irrespective of the current state of your ability to support Live Play. The value of LiveOps and its increasingly important role in modern game development is clear. With Meridian LiveOps solutions, your team will benefit from:

  • Consistent, Bundled Content Releases
  • Self-Managed Content
  • Diversified Income Streams
  • Lower Operating Expenses
  • Reduced Project Risk
  • Increased Speed to Market

The Best Way Forward
LiveOps Value Proposition
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Let us sand up a new Development Extension Plan in as little as three weeks, adapting and reconfiguring to your release style. Stay as involved as you like with our teams, embedding us with yours or visa-versa, streamlining work velocity and cultural adhesion.
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Talent Retention is a cornerstone of Meridian Live Ops and Co-Development Services. Want to permanently embed an amazing Tech Artist, Producer, Engineer, or Visual Artist? All non-bench assets are convertible to create consistency with your project(s).
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You are in the Producer Seat. Configure teams to be available globally, working within or outside your work hours. Talent strategy services work inter-studio to monitor and standardize talent availability, ensuring trustworthy talent is available when you need them for re-engagement.

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Work within your budgetary constraints and time structure to optimize and balance development costs and timelines with quality and accountability. Let us identify the best talent internationally and matrix their capabilities with cost-effective and proven delivery management.