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*This session will be worth 2 Leadership PDUs, one for completing the worksheet and exercise and one for attending the webinar, until 5/30/3021!*

Maximizing Your Office Influence
The ability to influence others is the workplace is key to the success of IT professionals from the CIO to the newest college intern. CIOs must work at equal footing with other C-suite executives, Project Managers must motivate and direct their dotted line resources, and individual contributors must often influence others to get the resources and information needed to complete their tasks.

This webinar is ideal for IT executives, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Testers, Technical Leads and all others required to give direction and/or influence others without the specific organizational authority to do so.

Special Bonus:
The speaker, Eric Bloom, has identified 67 personal attributes that effect your ability to influence others within the workplace. Please take this survey, to help determine how they affect your ability to influence others. As a thank you, you’ll receive a ten-page instruction guide on how to enhance your office influence!  The summarized survey results will be presented as part of the webinar.

The survey link:

FREE PDU! The combination of completing the survey and the downloaded worksheet takes approximately one hour.  Not only will it help your career, it can also be submitted for one leadership-related PDU to the association of your choice.

Eric Bloom is the Executive Director of the IT Management and Leadership Institute, TEDx speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, former nationally syndicated columnist, contributing writer to CIO.com, technologist, and a research advisor for International Data Corporation (IDC).   Prior to his current role, Eric was a senior IT executive at various firms such as Fidelity Investments, Monster.com and Independence Investments.

He is a recognized thought leader, speaker and trainer on interpersonal communication in the workplace and the author of instructional materials on influence, negotiation, organizational change, conflict resolution, leadership, managing virtual teams and other related workplace employee interactions.

Eric is also the Past President of National Speakers Association New England, Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), and the author of various books, including:
• Office Influence: Get What You Want from The Mailroom to the Boardroom
• Productivity Driven Success: Hidden Secrets of Organizational Efficiency (#1 Amazon bestseller)
• The CIO’s Guide to Staff Needs, Growth, and Productivity
• Your IT Career: Get Noticed, Get Promoted, and Build Your Professional Brand
• Manager Mechanics: Tips and Advice for First-Time Managers

Contact him at eric@ ITMLInstitute.org, follow him on Twitter at @EricPBloom, or visit www.ITMLInstitute.org.
5/30/2019 1:00 PM
Communication; Leadership; Management; Project Management
*CompTIA has approved this webinar for 1 CEU until 6/11/2020 for the following certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+, PenTest+, CySA+ and CASP+.*

In this talk, we cover the types of real-world attacks we commonly see that our customers get hit with.  We will discuss the different approaches to proactively and retroactively respond to these events. We cover specific TTPs (tools, techniques, and procedure) which can be used within a variety of frameworks.  We explain the value of the more formal DFIR approach, vs the quicker hunt, fix, and move on tactic. We provide best practices across. After this talk, you’ll know how to better position your organization to respond to cyber threats.

Speakers: We’ll have 2-3 experts in different areas from VDA Labs.

VDA Labs is a cyber security company based in Grand Rapids, MI. VDA was founded by Dr. Jared DeMott to help secure organizations and improve the security industry. VDA provides best in class security services such as: pentesting, red/purple teaming, incident response, application security, malware, vulnerability consulting, training, security research, custom cyber tools and threat intelligence, IoT/Auto/ICS/Embedded testing, SIEM tuning, and much more. We serve all markets, such as commercial, academic, automotive/industrial, financial, government, and more. info@vdalabs.com or www.vdalabs.com  At VDA Labs, we enjoy training. We're often at Black Hat, HITB, DerbyCon, and more. Hope to have you in class.
VDA Blog:
 Pluralsight Courses: https://www.pluralsight.com/paths/security-for-hackers-and-developers
6/11/2019 1:00 PM
Information Security
*This webinar will be worth 1 Technical PDU until 6/13/2021!*

Stealing from ITIL, Agile, SCRUM and Critical Chain might sound like something wholly inappropriate, but the reality is that we should be looking at the project management approaches we don’t use and strive to find the components that might work in our reality.  Carl Pritchard takes you through some of the highlights of the day-to-day practices of these other approaches and identifies some common sense components that can make your management more effective.

Speaker Bio:
Carl Pritchard is the principal and founder of Pritchard Management Associates. He is recognized lecturer, author, researcher, and instructor. As a lecturer he is considered a leading authority on risk and communications management and presents on a variety of management topics, ranging from project essentials to the complexities of network diagramming and team motivation. As an author and researcher, he has published articles on project management language, advances in risk management, and on the challenges of training on the Internet. His work as an instructor has taken him around the world, training with some of the leading international training organizations, as well as for private clients and the Project Management Institute®. He is the U.S. Correspondent for the U.K. project management journal, Project Manager Today.
6/13/2019 1:00 PM
Project Management
*CompTIA has approved this webinar for 1 CEU for the following certifications until 6/21/2020 - Approved for A+, Network+ and Cloud+*

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are considered by most to be the backbone of DevOps. The goal with this webinar is to show you a practical example of building, testing, and deploying applications with Azure DevOps Services. We'll step through the end-to-end process of building a fully automated build and release pipeline for a Node and Express application, and then use Azure DevOps Services to create the CI/CD pipeline and Azure App Service for deploying to development/staging and production.

This is a demo heavy session with plenty of code samples you'll be able to use immediately when you get back to the office.

Mike Pfeiffer is a twenty-year tech industry veteran, published author, and international conference speaker. He's a former architect for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and engineer for Microsoft. Pfeiffer is the founder of CloudSkills.io and is a multi-year recipient of the prestigious Microsoft MVP award. He's a Pluralsight author, and you can find his courses via https://app.pluralsight.com/profile/author/mike-pfeiffer. Learn more about Mike's company via https://cloudskills.io
6/21/2019 1:00 PM
Cloud; DevOps
Interested in serverless computing but don’t know where to start? Is serverless appropriate for your application scenarios? In this webinar Dan Wahlin will discuss the role that serverless can play in applications, discuss when and when not to use serverless, and cover different options that are available for serverless deployments.

Dan Wahlin founded Wahlin Consulting (https://codewithdan.com) which provides training, consulting and architecture services on Web technologies such as Angular, Node.js, Express, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET Core, Web API, Microservices, and Docker. He’s also published many developer courses on Pluralsight.com and Udemy.com. Dan is a Docker Captain, Google GDE, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world.  Dan has written several books on Web technologies, hundreds of technical articles and blog posts (https://blog.codewithdan.com) and runs the "Code with Dan Web Development Newsletter" - a great way to stay up on the latest technologies. Follow Dan on Twitter @DanWahlin.
6/28/2019 1:00 PM
Cloud; Programming
You might have heard that the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is no longer under active development by Microsoft. Therefore, you have pressure to adopt VSCode as your PowerShell editor. How does this work? How can you get started?

In this information-packed, Q&A-style event, Microsoft MVP Tim Warner walks you through everything you need to know to set up Visual Studio Code for cross-platform PowerShell development. After this seminar you will be immediately productive and no longer need the ISE. Bring lots of questions and a willingness to learn!

Author Bio:
Tim Warner is a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management and a full-time author with Pluralsight. He has worked in nearly every facet of IT, from systems administration and software architecture to technical writing and training. You can reach Tim via Twitter (@TechTrainerTim) or his blog, azuredepot.com.
7/9/2019 1:00 PM
*This webinar will be worth 1 Technical PDU and CDU for those who have PMI and/or IIBA certifications until 7/17/2021!*

Why (and What) Does a BA Need to Know About Data?

Information systems are based around information or data. While not responsible for designing databases, every business analyst should be comfortable talking about data with business stakeholders, IT architects, software developers, BI professionals, UI designers, and quality assurance professionals. This presentation gives specific examples of situations where an understanding of data requirements, and how best to document them, are critical to BA success. Come learn how to ask strong questions about data which will increase the success of your projects.

Attendees will be able to:
• Recognize common situations where data requirements are critical
• Define the core components of a data model
• Improve their ability to critically review a database design
Speaker bio
About Barbara Carkenord, CBAP®, IIBA-AAC®, PMI-PBA®, PMP®, PMI-ACP®, SAFe® POPM

Throughout her career Barbara has been passionate about enabling people and organizations to succeed through analysis. Analytical thinking allows organizations to increase their process efficiency and improve the quality of their products. Beginning her career in software development, early assignments allowed her to design systems which streamlined employee processes, increased the quality of information, and improved customer relationships.
Barbara is a leader in the business analysis profession providing training and consulting to help companies improve their analysis maturity, consistency, and effectiveness. She combines her entrepreneurial and business analysis experience with her love of education to promote the development of the business analysis practice. During her career Barbara co-founded two successful companies and worked in varied industries including manufacturing, financial services, real estate, and software development. She has written numerous books, articles, blogs, and training manuals all aimed at helping professionals enhance their skills including Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis.
Barbara’s focus on critical thinking and increasing business value drove her to help define the business analysis profession. As an early IIBA Member, she worked on the development of the worldwide standard for business analysis, the BABOK® Guide.
7/17/2019 1:00 PM
Business Analysis; Data; Data Science; Database; Project Management
ASP.NET Core provides a robust, cross-platform solution that can be used to build web applications and RESTful services using C#. In this session you’ll learn about the different options that ASP.NET Core provides including MVC, Razor Pages, and Web API and see how you can get started using them on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Dan Wahlin founded Wahlin Consulting (https://codewithdan.com) which provides training, consulting and architecture services on Web technologies such as Angular, Node.js, Express, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET Core, Web API, Microservices, and Docker. He’s also published many developer courses on Pluralsight.com and Udemy.com. Dan is a Docker Captain, Google GDE, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world.  Dan has written several books on Web technologies, hundreds of technical articles and blog posts (https://blog.codewithdan.com) and runs the "Code with Dan Web Development Newsletter" - a great way to stay up on the latest technologies. Follow Dan on Twitter @DanWahlin.
7/19/2019 1:00 PM
.NET ; Programming
In this session we will take a look at the tools and techniques that allow us to test our Vue.js applications, at all levels, including unit testing, integration testing as well as end-to-end testing. By the end of this session you will have a strong grasp of how we can build confidence in our code base, while writing a test suite that is easy to maintain and that grows as our application grows.

About the speaker
Raju Gandhi is a programmer, consultant, speaker, and trainer. With over 15 years of experience in software development, Raju is a strong proponent of the functional mindset, favoring immutability in both software and hardware. He believes that by embracing Agile and DevOps, we can deliver software that customers cherish. You can find him online on twitter as @looselytyped, as well as his blog, https://www.looselytyped.com. He is a speaker for the No Fluff Just Stuff Java conference series, as well as many other conferences like UberConf, RichWeb, ArchConf, FrontEnd Fest, Devoxx, GIDS (India) and acts as an instructor on O'Reilly (https://www.oreilly.com/pub/au/7764). In his spare time, you will find Raju reading, playing with technology, or spending time with his wonderful and significantly better half.
8/13/2019 1:00 PM
Programming; Quality Assurance / Testing
Most organizations are at the start of their RPA journey, automating the initial processes. This is a huge task that will take many years to complete. In parallel, there is a growing ecosystem of services growing up around all of the RPA platforms. Understanding these will open up learning paths, career paths and both faster and enhanced ROI on the initial investment in RPA.

About the Speaker:
Edward Brooks is the Founder of The RPA Academy and The Beacons. Trained as a CPA with EY in London, Edward worked with Accenture, ISG and Booz Allen before starting to advise organizations on their digital transformation strategies.
8/28/2019 1:00 PM
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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