How Can Apex Help Me Find a Job?

I am looking for a job, can Apex help me?

  • Yes. Apex places consultants in three different ways: direct placement, contract-to-hire, and contract positions. Connect with a local recruiter to discuss our openings and your options, or Join Our Talent Network to receive job alerts.

 I have never used a recruiting service before; how do I get started?  

  • There are multiple options to get started. You can select here to learn about current openings within given locations. Once you find a job listing of interest, select it to view a snapshot of the position and if interested, you may select the 'apply' button. You can also select the ‘not ready to apply’ button to submit your contact details and join our Talent Community. You may also connect with a local recruiter to discuss our openings and your options. 

Why should I use Apex to find my next position instead of responding to job postings and advertisements?  

  • Not all positions are advertised to the general public. Apex has relationships with thousands of clients in all industries and markets throughout North America. To ensure that your resume receives the attention it deserves, our staff personally works with hiring managers to find your next career opportunity. We are here for you and unlike some other firms, our service is a free career resource.  

In what types of jobs does Apex specialize?  

  • Apex specializes in a wide range of career opportunities within core disciplines that include Application and Data Management, Digital Experience and Content Strategy, Engineering, Infrastructure and Security, PMO and Business Operations, and Scientific. Connect with a local recruiter to discuss current opportunities or Join our Talent Network to receive job alerts

What is the process once I submit my resume to Apex?  

  • If a recruiter thinks you are a good match, you may be contacted for an initial interview. During this time, the recruiter will ask questions about your professional history, skills, and work preferences. The more we know about you, the better we can match you to your dream position. Once interviews are completed, our recruiter will contact you with positions that are suited for your area of expertise as they become available. Remember that we are here for you. These initial steps help us build a relationship with you as you become a part of the Apex family. Our goal is to connect talented professionals like you with the right opportunity. 

I've applied for a position and haven't heard back. How can I follow up?

  • Please reach out to the local Apex branch in your market. Select here, to find a list of offices and contact information.

How Can Apex Help Me Find a Job?

What can I expect as an Apex Consultant?

What companies or types of companies does Apex work with?  

  • We serve Fortune 500 companies, mid-market, and emerging companies from a variety of industries including Business Services, Communications, Consumer Products and Services, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Food, Drug, and Beverage, Government Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Life Sciences, Retail and Digital Commerce, Technology, and Transportation.  

What kind of background or skills do I need to work with Apex?  

  • We support job seekers with diverse backgrounds, skills, accomplishments, and skill levels. Whether you’re interested in an entry-level position or something more senior, like management, our goal remains the same: matching you with your next opportunity.  

Are there any tips for being a consultant?  

  • We have several tips for being a consultant. Please visit our Career Resources page for more information.  

When can I expect to find a new position?  

  • Each applicant and career opportunity is unique. Be sure you’re not only applying for jobs, but also setting up job alerts and joining our talent network, that way our recruiters will contact you first once the right opportunity arises.  

If you have additional questions, please contact us.  

 Does it cost me anything to work with Apex?  

  • No. Apex does not charge our job seekers any fees.   

Can Apex help me find a new position whether I’m looking across the country or in my own city?  

  • Yes. Apex has a presence in over 70 markets across North America, Europe, Mexico, and India. Click here to find your location of preference and our office contact details. You can also visit here to learn about current openings within given locations. 

What can I expect as an Apex Consultant?