Elevating Care Through Technology

Healthcare is rapidly evolving with the introduction of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. Providers are leveraging these cutting-edge technologies to improve treatment outcomes, identify cost savings opportunities, and streamline operations. Transform your organization and exceed expectations for patient care with national recruiting prowess and expansive industry expertise.

Elevating Care Through Technology

Patient-Centered Solutions

We believe that the future of healthcare is technology-driven, and we are committed to helping our clients stay ahead of the curve. Whether you are looking to implement advanced analytics tools to improve patient outcomes, leverage machine learning to identify cost savings opportunities or deploy cloud-based solutions to streamline operations, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Empower your teams to deliver better care and enhance the patient experience with innovative technology and workforce management solutions.

Patient-Centered Solutions
Through our Digital roadmap we will help you achieve your business objectives.

Secure Patient Privacy

Protect and preserve the valuable information you manage for patients. Explore highly secure cloud strategies that ensure patient data remains private, HIPAA compliant, and cost-effective.

Turn Data into Insights

Create and execute end-to-end data solutions to unlock the vast power of your data. Discover solutions that enable trend identification and promote data-driven decisions.

Payer-Provider Integration

Integrate your data across the organization with a cloud ERP. Our highly configurable, built-for-healthcare software partner connects operational, clinical, and staffing data so that you can deliver better care.

Embrace AI and RPA

Invest in AI-fueled technology to improve diagnostics, advance treatment options, boost patient care, and support administrative and operational efficiency.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Leverage nearshore technical outsourcing options for cost-effective service delivery that ensures high-quality digital expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and AI solutions.

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"Apex has a full suite of capabilities in the IT space. From what I have seen, they deliver quality candidates and stand behind their word."
American Healthcare Company and National Physician Group


Jonathan Burnett
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Industry

Jonathan is responsible for managing the overall business strategy and solution delivery for Apex's healthcare practice. He partners closely with customers across the payer, provider, and integrator segments of the industry to drive innovative technical and business solutions that help improve healthcare.


Adam Goldstein
Vice President, Consulting Services

Adam is responsible for strategic architecture, development, and support for all Infor software delivery. He has 20 years of professional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) experience specific to Infor Lawson with expert-level knowledge of methodologies, processes, and tools related to Infor Lawson ERP implementations across Healthcare and other service industries.