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Insurance companies are leveraging technology to focus on personalized premiums and usage-based coverage to put the customer first while simultaneously reducing operational costs.  Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics, and machine learning are helping to develop more granular individual risk profiles, enhance fraud protection, modernize core systems, and improve customer engagement with these offerings. 

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Protect Your Future
Through our Digital roadmap we will help you achieve your business objectives.

Mobile and Insurance

Insurers are seeing a huge growth in demand for mobile features like automation claims and underwriting and customized policy options like integrated IOT and cloud.

Modernize Platforms

As customers embrace digital technologies, insurers must integrate analytics and AI into their operations to offer improved services at reduced costs.

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​​​​​​Insurance companies place value on modernizing systems, improving the overall policyholder experience, and developing new products, platforms, and services.

Security and Data Protection

As fraud detection and cybersecurity remains critical to insurers, consumers seek features like facial and voice recognition, furthering product offerings like cyber insurance.

Personalize the Experience

Customers need a journey with content that is personalized for their needs like custom dashboards, tailored recommendations, and voice recognition.

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Level 2 End-User Support for Insurance Company.
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Financial firm modernizes their application and compliance processes while upskilling and training their Scrum resources.
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Andrea Schiola
Vice President, Insurance Services

Andrea is responsible for growing Apex’s insurance segment with a focus on P&C, life, specialty, and reinsurance. She is a critical driver in signing national contracts and developing partnerships with 12 of the Fortune 500 insurance companies. She specializes in ensuring customer satisfaction, providing solutions to impact business objectives, strategic planning, and managing human capital projects.