Innovate and Disrupt 

From digital assistants to autonomous vehicles, virtually all products and services will be AI-driven, AI-enabled, or assisted by AI in some way. AI continues to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. Understand customer behaviors and brand interactions with comprehensive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions (learning, reasoning, planning, perception, language understanding, and robotics).  

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Innovate and Disrupt 


Understand data patterns to create dynamic interactions, automate sophisticated and complex processes, or leverage the data to proactively discover, analyze, and resolve issues before they occur.


Leverage AI within existing products and services and build or integrate AI components such as robots to our rules and processes using commercial tools or custom development. 


Achieve business goals, extract value from data, increase revenue, knowledge socialization, reduce uncertainty, and improve customer experience with AI.

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Zach Garner


Zach Garner
Solution Lead - Artificial Intelligence

As Solution Lead, Zach manages and oversees the implementation of artificial intelligence projects across a diverse portfolio of clients. He has Master's Degrees in Computer Science and Management along with 18+ years of experience in machine learning, data science, big data engineering, cloud engineering, and DevOps.