40 Minutes

Every organization recognizes that superior customer service is a competitive advantage. Surprisingly, less than 10% offer specific customer service training to employees. This session explores the definition of customer service, why great service is a business necessity, and exactly what superior service looks like. Participants will receive education on how better customer service builds business relationships, retains customers, and creates more engaged employees. Attendees will also learn Jesse's three vital steps for delivering effective customer service in every interaction.

Recommended Group/Partner Discussion Questions

  1. Jesse refers to the awesome zone of customer service as a 7-10. Do we agree? What should we be striving for?
  2. His model for customer service is to discover, deliver, and do more. Where have you seen a co-worker do more? What are other ways we could be doing more?
  3. The question at the end was around how you can remain positive or adjust if you aren't in a great mood. Jesse shared some of his tips, but what other happiness hacks or tips do we follow?


Speaker Jesse B. Good

Jesse is an expert in Next-Generation Customer Service. Years of hands-on expertise in customer success, call centers, and entertainment have allowed Jesse to facilitate more than one million customer service experiences. Jesse has worked with small businesses, international organizations on every continent, and Fortune 500 companies from Adobe to Zions Bank. With training and tools based on twenty years of on-going research, Jesse helps organizations drive rapid, sustainable, and measurable change in service performance to dramatically improve business results and cultivate loyal customer relationships.

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