A major retail warehouse chain leverages nearshore support to expand their application functions.


Our client needed help to build out application functions in order to close gaps in their supply chain. These functions would help to optimize orders, accurately maintain the inventory at an enterprise level for all fulfillment nodes, and maintain inventory lineages. The main goal was to balance the workload from orders with their warehouse manpower, which would ensure the workers were not overworked and that stocks of merchandise were maintained. The client required these projects completed in a six-month period. They were uneasy about seeking offshore work due to a perceived drop in quality.

Optimized client's supply chain by developing ten new application functions 


At Apex’s suggestion, we provided two consultants at our Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) to work on one of the functions from the client’s request as a pilot program. When the quality of the work delivered exceeded their expectations, they expanded the program to include additional development requests. Apex then built out a larger team in the MDC and assigned a dedicated account Engagement Manager to oversee the team. This Engagement Manager also reported to the client on performance and engagement progress on a monthly basis. The team would also be integrated into the client’s scrum practices to maintain communication. Apex consultants performed code reviews, published contracts in Kafka, and integrated client systems in CMS 2.0, among others. The client’s front-end ran on React TypeScript and the back-end ran on Java Spring Boot, with both using SQLServer.


Apex’s consultants completed the ten development projects in the six-month period allotted. As a result of the functions we deployed, the previously established gaps have been closed and the client’s supply chain is operating more efficiently. Based on the high-quality work performed by our consultants, the client has signed an additional contract with Apex in the same line of business with additional responsibilities.