A systems integrator utilizes our infrastructure capabilities to improve security and network management.  


A government integrator required services to complete a mandate that all Office Information Technology (IT) Windows End User Devices (EUDs) migrate to the Win10 Secure Host Baseline (SHB) operating system by a certain deadline. The goal of the mandate was to decrease network vulnerabilities, improve network management and promote standardization across the U.S. Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN). The program had a limited travel and expense budget and a large geographical footprint so the client needed a partner with the ability to maximize efficiency of resources and deploy them in a cost effective manner.  


We partnered with the client to understand the geographic locations impacted by the migration activities and determine the right combination of resources to create independent teams for each migration. We deployed 23 teams, each consisting of a fully cleared Supervisor, Migration Lead and seven Migration Specialists. We leveraged our national reach to deploy teams in close proximity to client sites to minimize travel and expenses. In addition to performing the migrations, we provided the client with the following:  

  • Daily status reporting of efforts of field teams to escalate to U.S. Marine Corps Client  
  • Coordination of all travel required for field teams to complete the contract  
  • Financial analysis and reporting to ensure program stayed within budget  
  • Training of personnel to support new technologies and initiatives requested by the U.S. Marine Corps  

Around $826,000 in Cost Savings 


Our solution and ability to scale nationwide resulted in the project being completed one month ahead of schedule, resulting in significant cost savings to the customer. The integrator was able to deliver roughly 100,000 migrations within three months and executives viewed the program as a major success with a total cost savings to the customer of ~$826,000 or ~14% overall including:  

  • Labor cost-savings of 10%  
  • Paid travel hours cost-savings of 84% 
  • Expense cost-savings of 19%