Our latest Grants for Good program recipient is the Peter Paul Development Center. Their programs include educational development for children, a community garden and food pantry, as well as workshops on health, wellness, and employment opportunities.

Our 4th Grants for Good recipient, the Peter Paul Development Center, is a 501c3 nonprofit based in our home city of Richmond, Virginia. Nominated by our consultant, Sweta, "Peter Paul offers a beacon of hope to the community members of the East End of Richmond, and offers programs geared for targeting the deep needs of the community."

Who is the Peter Paul Development Center, and what is their mission?

"Peter Paul's mission: Educate the Child, Engage the Family, and Empower the Community through the After School Academy Program, where teachers and volunteers help students with educational development. In addition to having programs that serve children, Peter Paul has initiatives that assist the community as a whole, which includes a community garden and food pantry for families in need. They also have workshops that support community members for various needs, such as health, wellness, and employment opportunities."

Sweta nominated the Peter Paul Development Center for our Q2 grant and shares why she's so passionate about this organization.

"I started volunteering for the Peter Paul Development Center two years ago. I volunteered due to its similarities to a community center where I was a social worker in my youth. Being a social worker, I came to understand the difficulties that underserved communities faced, especially the young. Many kids in these communities are a grade behind in their education. They live in households that have strained circumstances, and education is rarely enforced. I felt strongly about volunteering for this place. Instead of volunteering near home, I drove 45 minutes from work to Peter Paul, one day a week."

How have you supported this organization?

"I've seen this organization live its mission first-hand. I volunteered there to tutor Elementary age children after school. As part of my tutoring responsibilities, I helped children with their homework, played educational games, or worksheets. In the process, I bonded with the children, and we talked about anything they wanted. I have tutored two regularly. I have also donated food items to the center's pantry."

How will this financial donation help the Peter Paul Development Center?

"We are learning that COVID-19 is affecting underserved communities the most. It's heartbreaking! One of the reasons people in these communities have underlying health conditions is because they don't have access to healthy foods or health care. The shelter in place and distance learning requirements are causing ripple effects for children in underserved communities. Much of the kids were already educationally hindered pre-COVID-19. Now, most educators believe it will affect them for a generation. More than ever, these donations will support the educational efforts to help keep our children on track, and ensure they aren't experiencing food insecurity!"

Sweta deserves applause for nominating a deserving organization that helps its communities with posing challenges and inequities. You can learn more about this organization via their website, Peter Paul Development Center.