Apex Veteran Redeployment Initiative

Connecting Clients with Talented Veterans and Military Spouses Seeking Rewarding Careers

Your New Career Begins Here

Are you a Military Service Member or a Veteran seeking a new career path? Our Apex Veteran Redeployment Initiative has helped thousands transition to new tech careers with our clients over the last few years. Whether your career path includes a given industry, market, or tech position, we've got you covered.

Are you interested in relocating to be closer to family, friends, or a new city or planning a career in application and development, cloud, cybersecurity, database management, project management, tech support, or other areas?

  • We support all IT markets for clients in all industries with teams in over 70 locations.
  • Provide career coaching resources and workshops, including discounted training, exams, professional development, and certification boot camps for AWS, Splunk, CEH, CISSP, CCNA, CNNP, Cloud+, Networking, Security+, and more
  • Offer benefits package options and retail discounts for entertainment, travel, wireless companies, and more

Are you still unsure where to start? Click Military Skills Translator to identify matching opportunities that fit your military service experience or search all open jobs by selecting below.

Your New Career Begins Here

Military Spouses, Start Here

Are you seeking an opportunity that offers work flexibility, upskilling, certification, or remote options? You're on the right path; our Apex Veteran Redeployment Initiative supports Military Spouses and can help you develop in-demand digital skills to attain a tech career.

Let us help you find your IT career passion for software development, coding, project management, business management, and more. We understand the need for flexibility, and we'll be with you throughout your journey no matter where you relocate.

"Apex has been understanding and attentive to the challenges I've encountered as a Military Spouse. My spouse has been deployed three times in my tenure with Apex and we have relocated three times in that span as well. In each instance, Apex was flexible and supported my evolving work situation with varying employment opportunities. I've worked at Apex in a few different roles including full-time, part-time, in-office, and remote work."  –  Anna B., Navy Spouse, Apex Systems Employee

Reach out to learn more and find an office that works for you: militaryjobs@apexsystems.com.

Military Spouses, Start Here

Sponsoring Your Military Transition

Our organizational alliances include DoD SkillBridge program sponsorship for service members nearing their term date, including paid apprenticeships, certification, internships, and training for transitioning to a choice tech career.

"As a transitioning active-duty Airman, I had a rewarding experience being sponsored by Apex Systems while participating in the DoD Skill Bridge Program. Apex Systems was there every step of the way during the transition process and jump-started my new career after the military. Apex Systems offered me the resources to obtain the necessary training and certifications to smoothly transition from a non-technical Air Force background into a meaningful career in Cyber Security. My story is a testimony of how this military-friendly company values and takes care of transitioning service members and veterans' career needs." -- Jackson F. Cyber Security Analyst --

Reach out to learn about available programs and sponsorships: militaryjobs@apexsystems.com

Sponsoring Your Military Transition

Strategic Partnerships and Accolades

We invest in creating long-term partnerships that strengthen communities, help tackle social challenges, and solve complex problems by providing Military Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses with upskilling and career opportunities. We are a proud V3-certified company. Our initiatives include strategic partnerships with the Depart of Labor, the Department of Veteran Services, Military.com, STEM organizations, nonprofits, etc.

A few accolades demonstrating our performance include being a Hire Heroes USA Top 5 Employer for assisting them with empowering over 12,500 veterans and military spouses to secure new employment. We have also received numerous Military Friendly® designations dating back to 2018 for our efforts in creating sustainable and meaningful career paths, community, outreach, brand enthusiasm, and enduring partnerships.

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Strategic Partnerships and Accolades
We're Making a Difference
"The Apex SkillBridge program focuses on upskilling Veterans in ways that create opportunities for them in the IT field that otherwise would not be there. It has been rewarding to watch someone from a non-technical MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) obtain career goals they didn’t know were possible."
Jim Butler - Apex Systems Federal & Military Delivery Lead