Formula for Success

Increased adoption of new technologies like telemedicine, virtual clinical trials, and AI are reshaping the life sciences industry. Successful organizations derive value from mining data to deliver personalized solutions that meet consumer demands. Leverage solutions that cover all technical aspects of scientific, engineering, and clinical research projects and programs across the Pharma and Biotechnology, MedTech, eClinical, and Materials Science industries.

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Formula for Success
Through our Digital roadmap we will help you achieve your business objectives.

Engage External Data

Democratization of drug and health information through social networks is more prevalent and important than ever before.

Improve Drug Efficacy

Pay-for-Performance/Outcomes demands that pharma companies demonstrate drug/therapy value beyond clinical trials. 

Enhance the Experience

Patients, payers, and doctors have vastly different customer personas and demand digital experiences catered to their needs.

Connect with Digital

Partnerships improve collaboration across extended ecosystems which present regulatory and cybersecurity challenges. 

Accelerate the Lifecycle

AI and ML are disrupting the sector around medical imaging, patient management, treatment planning and drug creation. 

Apex Advantage
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Apex Advantage
Driving Efficiency with Life Sciences Technology
Matt Stallings, Vice President, Life Sciences Industry
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"As an academic institution whose primary missions are patient care and higher medical healthcare education, I appreciate the dedication that our Apex Account Manager has shown to understand our very unique needs. "
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Matt Stallings
Vice President, Engineering and Life Sciences Industry

As Vice President, Matt oversees all Life Sciences and Engineering accounts including verticals such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical device, contract services, research organization and universities, materials sciences, consumer goods, and chemicals.