Building a Better Tomorrow

We are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, where human thought meets technology to create better solutions.  The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Automation are evolving the engineering industry at an unprecedented pace.  Get “smarter” support for electrical, mechanical, product engineering and development, and verification and validation so you can deliver on critical business initiatives. 

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Building a Better Tomorrow
Through our Digital roadmap we will help you achieve your business objectives.

Disrupt with Technology

“Industry 4.0” brings new technology like augmented reality, smart factories, and automation tasks that reinvent established business models.

Create New Opportunities

Industries look to the future as Additive Manufacturing opens the opportunity to produce 3D objects from plastic, metal, and concrete.

Advance with IoT

With the Internet of Things (IoT), engineering companies are seeing an increase in performance and maintenance metrics in factories.

Automate with Bots

Companies utilize RPA to increase efficiency and reduce costs for applications like change management, compliance, and bill of materials.

Drive Change with Data

Big data, AI, machine learning, and the cloud help engineers shape the design of materials, products, systems, products, and innovations.

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"Apex is always going above and beyond to find talented candidates to help fill our positions that we struggle with. They are quick to respond to any questions we have about candidates. They are always super friendly and never pushy."
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Matt Stallings
Vice President, Engineering and Life Sciences Industry

As Vice President, Matt oversees all Life Sciences and Engineering accounts including verticals such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical device, contract services, research organization and universities, materials sciences, consumer goods, and chemicals.