Production at the Speed of Innovation 

Modern enterprise is experiencing a culture shift which seeks to unify siloed development and operations teams to increase efficiency with fewer production errors. Organizations deliver digital products and services at a high velocity with end-to-end DevOps solutions. Customized product pipeline strategies provide value-centric innovation utilizing Virtualization, Containerization, Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Release Management. 

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Production at the Speed of Innovation 


Stay ahead of the competition and meet customer demand for fast, fresh, and relevant products by merging development with operations, and shortening develop-to-production timelines.   


Customized teams and toolchains introduce rapid, robust, and culture-centric solutions instead of injecting presumptive and repetitious pre-built toolsets. 


Maximize development and operations synergies to focus on product development, reduced overall costs and time to market, and increase customer value. 

Apex Advantage <span class="light">&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; Richard Stanley, Director Application Solutions </span>
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Apex Advantage   |   Richard Stanley, Director Application Solutions
Investing in DevOps and Security
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DevOps practices, and how they integrate into an enterprise transformation.
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Client seamlessly migrates their data to Google Cloud Platform saving 30M.
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DevOps Enhancement
Enhancing application delivery and speed to market by implementing a modern DevOps framework.  
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What our clients say
"Apex is a valuable asset to our Engineering team. Their team is a critical participant in our Platform update design. They finish work on time and escalate issues early, as well as propose solutions."
Financial Technology Company


Richard Stanley
Director of Application Development and Data Management

Director of Application Development and Data Management, Richard Stanley leads Apex’s DevOps solution. Richard has more than 20 years of experience in IT as a full stack developer and technical manager of software development, Cloud and DevOps teams of 50+ resources. He is a Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and Certified Java Architect.