Actionable Insights 

Every facet of business operations generates data. Traditionally organizations have been focused on storing and managing their ever-growing datasets that they have not taken advantage of modern tools to extract insight.  Apex offers end-to-end data capabilities including Data Strategy, Design, Governance, Security; Data Architecture (Big Data and Cloud); Data Engineering including Search and AI/ML; and Data Intelligence including BI, Visualization, and Predictive Analytics. 

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Actionable Insights 


True insight exists at the convergence of mindset, skillset, and toolset.  Tapping into this insight results in sound strategy, better decisions, and a competitive advantage. 


We create and execute customized roadmaps that leverage best practices in mindset, skillset and toolset – with our focused locked on value. 


Spend less time searching and validating and more time creating the future of your business with a robust data platform and democratization strategy backed by clean, trustworthy data. 

Apex Advantage <span class="light">&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; Karen Avila, Senior Scrum Master and Gustavo Mejia, Senior Director of Technology </span>
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Apex Advantage   |   Karen Avila, Senior Scrum Master and Gustavo Mejia, Senior Director of Technology
Delivering Speed to Value with Agile Practices and Data Analytics
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What our clients say
"The Apex team has been leading the way in areas of software development ranging from data engineering to API development to UI design. They have significantly reduced our API development time from couple of weeks to couple of days. Our team loves working with them."
Worldwide Travel Company


Austin Tidmore 
Head Data Storyteller 

Austin sets the vision for the solution offerings and assembles teams to drive impactful outcomes to clients. His experience includes designing and delivering end-to-end data platforms in the Cloud, data warehouses and dashboards, and large-scale Big Data and Machine Learning platforms.