Learn how to make it a productive job hunt by avoiding these five mistakes.

Many job seekers are usually in a hurry to send their resumes for an open position, but the reality is recruiters get over 300 applicants for each opening. To stand out from the crowd, you must identify the common mistakes job seekers make and avoid them for a productive job hunt.

1. Relying solely on online strategies

The emergence of the internet, as a tool for job hunting, has helped connect job seekers and employers, but it has its downsides. Many job seekers rely only on online strategies and hardly get results, because many others are submitting for the same positions. Instead of just hitting the send button every time, research the company and the person behind the job posting, and make it personal. Additionally, don’t forget to leverage networking events as well as personal relationships and connections.

2. Not communicating your brand

Being careless about communicating your brand is a big mistake in today’s competitive job market. Don’t assume that a resume, cover letter, work history, or LinkedIn profile automatically communicates your brand. Instead, be intentional about what you want the hiring manager to think of you, when they go through your application. Be sure to customize your overall brand presence carefully.

3. Underestimating LinkedIn

Online job boards and networking groups have been a meeting place for both job seekers and employers, but don’t ignore LinkedIn. If properly used, a LinkedIn profile can help you to be found for great opportunities, as well as help you get pertinent information about a company before sending in your resume. LinkedIn offers tons of benefits regardless of your profession, level, goal, or job search status. You might be unwilling to join every social network, but underestimating LinkedIn will hurt your chances of getting a job.

4. Overlooking job descriptions

Many job seekers discover a job opening and quickly send their resume, but don’t get a reply. One of the key reasons is that the resumes are often generic and based on what the job seeker thinks is excellent, as opposed to what the job description says. Every job description is unique and you must tailor your resume to capture the required skills and keywords.

5. Starting too late

Many job seekers assume that landing their dream job is a quick process and tend to begin the process too late. The reality is you can’t start your job hunt too early. Even if your job search is a few months or years out, don’t hesitate to begin the process when you have the opportunity. It will help you develop your brand, practice interviewing and increase your chances of getting an even better opportunity.


Job searching can be a tiring process that lasts several months, but you can shorten it by slowing down and avoiding these five common mistakes during your next job search.