Finding an internship opportunity in the tech field doesn't have to be a stressful process. There are many available resources to help you find the right role! 

Why are tech internships so important? Gaining experience is key for all career paths, and internships help connect you to new companies and future opportunities.

Setting yourself apart from other job-seeking candidates can be as simple as being active in the field: aka using your knowledge and putting it into practice to gain additional real-time advancement.

As an example, a nurse can tell students how to give a patient a shot, but after an internship or a residency, the students can physically complete the procedure themselves. This applies to technology practices as well, such as coding, troubleshooting, application security, and more. Once you train hands-on, you’ll be able to better complete tasks.  

Resources for Internship Best Practices

  1. Job boards like Glassdoor or Indeed publish internship openings
  2. Sites such as 
  3. Five Tips for Finding IT Internships
  4. Tech Internships: How to Find One and Get Hired
  5. Nine Best Ways to Find an Internship (and Why It’s Important)
  6. Nine Tips to Help Land and Get the Most From Your Internship

Finding Tech Internships

  1. Research companies of interest to see if there are internship programs available
  2. Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to locate opportunities.
  3. Network and connect with professional groups through MeetUp
  4. Talk with counselors, teachers, or program coordinators to gain more information about opportunities
  5. Decide which type of program you'd like to focus on, and create a list of your skill sets

Be Prepared

      1. Be sure your soft skills are up to par:
             a. Communication
             b. Basic software skills
             c. Collaboration
             d. Working well under deadlines
     2. Review program requirements to ensure you have the skill set and qualifications
     3. Create a cover letter that you tailor specifically for each opportunity   
     4. Practice basic interview etiquette
             a. Review your most relevant skills and strengths based on the internship qualifications
             b. Be prepared to talk about your future career goals
             c. Provide examples of how you can increase the production of the company
             d. Review internship interview prep questions

Final Thoughts

In summation, applicants can find tech internship opportunities in a variety of ways, including social media platforms like LinkedIn. Or you can meet recruiters and managers at career fairs and ask them questions about internship programs. Job boards like Glassdoor or Indeed publish openings as well as sites such as