Apex Systems Contact

Eric Sholl

Associate Industry Director

Email: esholl@apexsystems.com

Phone: 303-328-2599

Fax: 512-879-6096


Apex Systems – State of Texas Team

To contact the Apex State of Texas team, please email apex.txstate@apexsystems.com.


Product/Services Offered

Apex Systems is an approved DIR CPO vendor and provides eligible customers with Information Technology Staff Augmentation and Staffing Solutions Services. For more information, please visit this link: https://www.apexsystems.com/what-we-do 


DIR Co-op Contract Program Overview

To learn about the DIR Co-op Contract Program, please visit this link: https://dir.texas.gov/View-About-DIR/Pages/Content.aspx?id=41


DIR and Apex Systems Contract Link

Please use the two following links to access the DIR and Apex Systems contract overviews.


Resources for Customers Outside of Texas

Customers outside of Texas, please reference the below link to learn how to utilize this contract.



Designated Order Fulfillers (Resellers)

Not Applicable


Instructions for Obtaining Quotes and Placing Purchase Orders

To obtain a quote and place a purchase order with Apex Systems for services under the DIR-CPO-4541 contract, please contact Apex Systems – State of Texas Team, 512-879-6095, apex.txstate@apexsystems.com.

  • Send Purchase Orders to apex.txstate@apexsystems.com
  • Purchase Order Must Contain:
    •  DIR Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4541
    • Labor Category: One of the Approve Labor Categories as provided in the Content Pricing section below
    • Bill Rate: A rate Not-To-Exceed in alignment with the Labor Category selected and aligned to the Not-To-Exceed rates provided in the Contract Pricing section below.
    • Resource: Name of the IT Consultant aligned to the PO and Labor Category provided


Warranty and Return Policies

To obtain warranty information with Apex Systems for services under the DIR-CPO-4541 contract, please contact Eric Sholl, Associate Industry Director, 303-328-2599, esholl@apexsystems.com.


Contract Pricing

Not to Exceed Rates