44 Minutes

Interview "first impressions" change during virtual/video interviews. In this 40 minute segment, Certified body language trainer Jeff Baird shares best practices around nonverbal cues and other tips to have a great interview and get more job offers. He focuses on tips around:

1. Eye contact, including specific tips to ensure you are looking at the camera instead of yourself 

2. Appropriate "zoom spacing" window or zone, i.e. how far back you should be and what should be shown 

3. The best camera angles

4. Most effective video backgrounds to demonstrate competence and professionalism, while also helping make you memorable

5. Potential negative body language cues to watch out for and minimize

6. How to identify if the interviewer is "checking out" and how to reel them back in

Speaker Jeff Baird

Jeff Baird is a certified body language trainer, goal hacker, hiring manager and the anti-boring corporate trainer. He's also worked in IT and Business intelligence for nearly 20 years and is a Chris Hemsworth look-a-like. Just checking to see if you're still reading. Jeff's approach is science backed, applicable & fun. He'll help you take control of your nonverbal communication, 'read' others' body language and finally nail those stretch goals. He's ready to help you break through your career (or life) plateaus.

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