60 Minutes

There are few things that confuse professionals more than networking.
Extroverts think networking is collecting business cards at happy hours.
Introverts think its about selling out to the extroverts who like to collect business cards.
Job seekers think its about sending out a million resumes to everyone theyve ever met asking people to give them a job.
That girl you knew back in high school thinks its about messaging people she hasnt seen in years to tell them theyd be just perfect for her team! in the MLM she just joined.

Those things might be networking, but they arent effective networking.

Effective networking is about exactly one thing: Relationships.

Join Diana Alt to learn about what effective networking really is, and how to network properly in different contexts such as job searches, conferences, and networking events.

Speaker Diana Alt

Diana Alt is a connector and problem solver who loves to use her skills in product management, data analytics, and agile development to sort out chaos and help organizations solve the right problems. Prior to starting her company, DKA Coaching & Consulting, Diana spent 20 years creating high value solutions at companies like ATI Nursing Education, Cerner, RSA, and CSC. Diana is also a motivational keyword speaker who helps people understand how to get out of their own way so they can unleash their awesomeness on the world. Some of her favorite words are "grok", "why", "kaizen" and "thank you".

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