53 Minutes

Did you know that you can lose up to 99% of what you learn within 30 days? In this webinar, we'll share insights on the following:

  • How to strategize information retention and application to ensure you make the most of the knowledge and training you're receiving
  • How to utilize the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) matrix as it relates to skills development
  • Our top five highlighted recommendations to increase your skillset
  • An additional 10 learning best practices and recommended follow-up actions
Speaker Shannon Wenger and Erica Woods

This webinar will be presented by Shannon Wenger, Apex's Manager of Training and Development, and Erica Woods, the Director of Contractor & Candidate Programs. Between the two, they've launched more than 15 T&D programs, and helped onboard and train thousands of employees.

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