23 Minutes

In 2021 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the overall employee turnover rate was 57.3% in the U.S. What is the “Great Reshuffle” and how are companies working toward increasing retention and decreasing attrition? Learn from Labor Industry experts, Jen Messer and Kristen McClung as they share best practices around retaining top talent. They share insights on:

  • The Evolution of the Workplace – How to recognize and celebrate intergenerational relationships and expertise within the workplace. How to best recruit and retain each generation as we highlight the motivators and benefits each generation prioritizes.
  • Common issues found within the workplace – How can employers take lessons learned and make sure their teams and company address common issues?
  • Cost factors associated with employee turnover – Did you know that replacing a resource could cost a company up to two times that resource’s annual salary?
  • 9 strategies to improve retention – Given the tight labor market we are currently in, it is important that companies and managers focus on retention efforts to keep top talent. Once you hire a great resource, you must focus on how to keep them motivated and happy. Commonly you will hear, “You have to pay more to attract the best talent”. While this is one factor in attracting and retaining talent, it is not the primary motivator for why employees report staying or leaving a company. Other factors like growth, training opportunities, working on purposeful assignments and tasks, and overall employee engagement are top contributing factors to retaining talent.
  • 7 specific engagement strategies and ideas – We will highlight some fun ideas of how to thank your employees and team members and show how far a simple “thank you” can go.
Speaker Kristen McClung and Jen Messer
  • Kristen oversees Apex’s Food and Beverage industry segment and is responsible for engaging with our clients nationwide in the fields of IT, Project Management, Business Applications, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Cloud Computing. 
  • Jen Messer is a National Accounts Director overseeing our partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies in the Food & Beverage Industry. She has over a decade of experience in Consulting and Staffing Services helping her clients deliver on initiatives related to Data & Analytics, Digital Transformations, Cloud, Business Applications, IT, Agile, Project Management, Logistics, Supply Chain and more.

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