57 Minutes

Listen to this overview on the multitude of ways job seekers can use new AI tools like ChatGPT to aid them throughout the job searching process. Tune in for coaching tips and learn how AI can help you stand out to employers.

In this training, you'll hear: 

  • An overview of key capabilities
  • Best practices for utilizing in your job search
  • Tips for optimizing your search queries and getting the most out of the tool/s 
  • Real-world examples of how to apply these tips in your job search, including generating leads, improving and customizing your resume and sections of LinkedIn, all things interviewing, etc. 

You'll leave this session with an understanding of 15+ use cases and specific prompts for how to identify the right job titles based on core skill sets and interests, how to enhance your resume to better align with the role and get in the "interview pile," write cover and thank you letters, ways to leverage for interview prep, and more! 

Speaker Suzanne Ricci

Suzanne Ricci is the Chief Success Officer at Computer Coach Training Center. Since 2000, Suzanne has helped thousands of individuals achieve their career goals through strategic career planning and customized training and certification strategies. Starting her career as a Web Designer, she now possesses over 25 technical and business certifications (including a ChatGPT certification) and over 20 years of IT and training experience. Suzanne is active in the community encouraging all around her to achieve their defined career success. She is a COVID-19 Hero of Tampa Bay winner, the inaugural Tampa Tech Bridge Builder, is recognized by Inno as an Inno on Fire recipient for the work she does with HireUp Florida, and is active in many organizations serving and helping her community.

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