60 Minutes

With LinkedIn being the top way recruiters and hiring professionals identify job seekers, we believe your LinkedIn profile is just as important as your resume, and needs to be in tip top condition. During this interactive discussion, three Apexers:

  • Shared ways you can leverage AI tools like ChatGPT or Microsoft Co-Pilot to help you with LinkedIn profile content, generating ideas for your feed, and more  
  • Reviewed a few attendees' profiles, providing real-time feedback 
  • Shared a couple really solid LinkedIn profile examples, highlighting what stands out about them 
  • Reviewed our favorite LinkedIn profile resource, our LinkedIn Burger, and talk through 5+ specific strategies you can apply ASAP to elevate your profile and attract your target audience 


Speaker Three Apex SMEs

Our Apex experts include:

  1. Katlyn Cook, Certified Career Coach
  2. Kaitlin Westbrook Tolson, National STEM & Philanthropy Advocate
  3. Erica Woods, Director of Consultant Programs and Philanthropy 

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Would you be open to having your LinkedIn profile reviewed live during this session?  If so, please share the link to your profile here.