Staying positive during a job search is incredibly challenging!  In this session, Nichole focuses on:

  • How to do a mindset check-in
  • How to maintain your mindset through rejection not hearing back and the "waiting game," and what might seem like a lack of progress
  • How to remain positive by seeing the bigger picture
  • Affirmation meditation & guided meditation techniques to help keep your calm and stay focused
Speaker Nichole Harrop

Nichole is a Women’s Leadership and Career Coach, priding herself on helping women get promoted at work. She has worked in the corporate world for over 7 years and faced many obstacles on her way to getting promoted. When she was promoted into a leadership position, she worked to help other women climb the corporate ladder and stepped into her passion, helping women reach their potential. Nichole helps women create a foundation of leadership in the workplace using her 5 core areas of coaching, which include: confidence, self awareness, communication, a growth mindset, and networking to help them on their way to getting promoted.

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