42 Minutes

Networking is a highly beneficial activity for individuals looking for a job, as well as those who are happily employed. Why? Because networking is about connecting and building rapport with others to help advance professional goals, engage in continuous learning and development, and being part of a community related to your professional interests.

If you are not in the habit of networking, this session provides the information to get you started, including:

  1. How to find networking groups and opportunities (Spoiler: Meetup.com can be one of your best friends here)
  2. What to consider when choosing groups/events
  3. Best practices for attending your first event
  4. Leveraging groups during a job search 
Speaker Two Apex Speakers

This session is presented by our Apex Career Coach and Director of IT Contractor Programs and Philanthropy. Combined, our speakers have 20+ years of experience partnering with technology job seekers during their job search! 

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