Networking - Where to Look when Choosing Events & Beginner Basics

42 Minutes

Networking is a highly beneficial activity for individuals looking for a job, as well as those who are happily employed. Why? Because networking is about connecting and building rapport with others to help advance professional goals, engage in continuous learning and development, and being part of a community related to your professional interests.

If you are not in the habit of networking, this session will provide the information to get you started. We discuss:

  1. How to find networking groups and opportunities (Spoiler: can be one of your best friends here)
  2. What to consider when choosing groups/events
  3. Best practices for attending your first event
  4. Leveraging groups during a job search 

Our two speakers include: Chelsea Derr, our Sr. Career Coach, and Erica Woods, our Director of Contractor Programs and Philanthropy. 

Speaker Chelsea Derr and Erica Woods

Chelsea is Apexs' Senior Career Coach, where she provides consultations, writes articles and delivers presentations around core job search topics, including: resumes, LinkedIn profiles, working effective with staffing firms and recruiters, how to identify companies to grow your 'Prospect List,' interviewing, and how to stand out during the job search and interview process. Erica is Apexs' Director of IT Contractor Programs and Philanthropy, with 15+ years of staffing in the IT space. She also writes career readiness and skills development articles for the MSSQLTips community and presents through a variety of communities, including IIBA, PMI, Meetups, Code Camps, SQL Saturdays, BA World conferences, and coding schools and other STEM programs.

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