60 Minutes

To succeed in today's job search, you need to be an "educated job seeker" in several areas, including: applicant/candidate branding, how to generate job search prospects/leads, recruiter relationship building, networking, interviewing, and more. 

Join our panel of 4 Apexers to hear pro tips around:

1. Resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and how to better market yourself so they can more visibility and a better reaction

2. Key ways to prospect jobs, and then actually get your resume in consideration for those jobs 

3. Common job searching roadblocks we see and how to overcome

4. Who you should be networking with, where to network, and ways to leverage your network

5. Recruiters - finding, vetting, building a solid relationship, and how to effectively communicate with Recruiters 

6. Delivering a positive interview that markets your skills and accomplishments in a manner that helps you get noticed 

Speaker Four Panelists

Our panelists include:

1. Brenna Radding - Senior Agile/BA/PM Recruiter, Portland 

2. Carolyn Wilt - Senior Recruiting Manager, Seattle 

3. Erica Woods - Director, Consultant Programs and Philanthropy 

4. Kenny Johnson - Senior Agile/BA/PM Recruiter, Minneapolis 

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