67 Minutes

When you ask job seekers which resources have been the most helpful in producing viable job prospects, working with Recruiters usually tops the list! Quality Recruiters can be one of your best friends during a job search, not only providing job prospects, but helping you better position yourself to get an interview, do well throughout the process, and land the job offer. In this session, our three co-presenters will address these key questions and areas when it comes to finding, connecting with and working effectively with Recruiters:

1. What are the goals and responsibilities of a Recruiter?

2. What's the typical process of working with a Recruiter on a job?

3. How can I find the most relevant Recruiter, and get connected with them?

4. How can I vet Recruiters to ensure they'll be a good partner during my job search?

5. What are top tips for working effectively with Recruiters, and building a good relationship and trust with them?

6. What can I provide to Recruiters, and throughout the job search process, to best position myself to get considered for a role? And then to get an interview and do well in the interview process?

Speaker Erica Woods, Levoy Young and Stephanie Reese

Our three co-presenters have a combined 35+ years of experience in the Information Technology staffing and recruiting world. Based in Tampa, Charlotte, and Seattle, they have each helped coach thousands of job seekers and helped hundreds find technical jobs. Erica, Levoy, and Stephanie are all extremely passionate about educating job seekers to market themselves effectively and gain an advantage in today's job searching landscape.

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