60 Minutes

As a current or aspiring technology, marketing, design, or project management professional – How can you use your skills for good? What are ways in which you can make a positive contribution beyond your "day job?"

Join us for a virtual round table discussion, spotlighting six professionals who've been supporting different initiatives and communities, both internally and externally, in a number of different ways! 

Some of the core ideas and questions that will be addressed include:

1. ) How can you help a local professional group, association and/or event? 

2.) How can you identify STEM-focused, workforce development initiatives and programs (including nonprofits, veteran-focused programs, coding/tech schools, etc.) that are in need of support? How can you get involved and truly impact the trajectory of someone’s career and life?

3.) What are some specific groups/efforts where you can work on civic good or nonprofit projects?

4.) What are some annual events that organizations/communities put on where you could lend a hand? 

5.) What are some skills-based volunteer team building ideas you could organize for an internal team or a volunteer initiative for a group/association you're involved in?

We guarantee you'll leave this conversation with at least two new ways you can give back!

Speaker / Panelist Overview

Conversation include an incredibly inspiring group of community impact champions. 

  1. Christa Baker - Director, Alliance Partnerships at Year Up (Connect with Christa here!
  2. Erica Woods - Erica Woods, Director of Consultant Programs and Philanthropy at Apex, and Co-Organizer for the Baltimore and Tampa Tech4Good Meetups (Connect with Erica here!)
  3. Kaitlin Westbrook Tolson - National STEM & Philanthropy Advocate at Apex, and VA Beach 'Women for Good' Member (Connect with Kaitlin here!
  4. Kim Vogel - Campus Director at CodeBoxx (Connect with Kim here!
  5. Susan Moore - Community Engagement Manager at IIBA, the International Institute of Business Analysis (Connect with Susan here!)
  6. Suzanne Ricci - Chief Success Officer at Computer Coach and founder of five tech-oriented meetups including the Tech Success Network and TECHnically Volunteers of TB (Connect with Suzanne here!


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