57 Minutes

Microsoft Azure is a vast cloud computing platform with more than 50 global regions used by 95% of fortune 500 companies. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are moving to Azure at record pace, but these organizations need skilled technologists with the right expertise to help them lead the way.

In this session, you’ll learn essential design patterns used to implement well architected applications in the Azure cloud. Find out how to implement key management, security, and governance practices used in the field today. Discover how real-world solution architects design scalable systems and build applications that support high availability and resiliency on the Azure platform.

Speaker Mike Pfeiffer

Mike Pfeiffer is a twenty-year tech industry veteran who’s worked for some of the largest technology companies in the world including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Mike is a published author, international conference speaker, Microsoft Azure MVP, and host of the CloudSkills.fm podcast.

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