58 Minutes

This introductory session explores GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered assistant that revolutionizes the coding landscape by facilitating faster and smarter code generation. Get an overview of how GitHub Copilot, with its ability to suggest whole code blocks and even function implementations, can significantly accelerate project timelines and enhance code quality. See firsthand how you can harness the power of GitHub Copilot to not only expedite coding tasks, but also to foster a more intuitive understanding of coding best practices.

Speaker Dan Wahlin

Dan Wahlin is a Principal/Director at Microsoft, helping developers integrate AI and services across the Microsoft Cloud. In addition to his role at Microsoft, Dan also authors courses for Pluralsight, speaks at global conferences and meetups, and conducts webinars on a variety of subjects. Before joining Microsoft, he served as CEO of a consulting, architecture, and training firm for two decades, assisting enterprises in creating exceptional software. Follow Dan on Twitter at https://twitter.com/danwahlin.

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